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  Welcome to Phase48Computers.info this site is intended to be a self help area to help those of you who are having issues and need help. I am in the process of writing some e-books which will be available here for a small fee.

 I have worked with computers since 1999 and previous to that I was an electronic technician since the 1970's. So needless to say I have allot of knowledge to share.

I currently accept payment through PayPal and if things go well here I will add other payment options. I am also going to ask for donations as web hosting is costly and I am retired and living on a fixed income. I am not looking to make it rich with this site but rather offer my help to keep your computer issues to a minimum. If you would like to make a donation via PayPal just click on the Donate button here.



Thank you for visiting my site be sure and bookmark this page and I look forward to doing business with you.            
 Dave Walton
Ok I checked out Malwarebytes and it is shareware which means you can try it out for a short time then you have to pay $24.95 for it.